ICU (Cardiac) MICU

HOD: Dr. Ranjana Deshmukh, M.D. Medicine


Services:Oxygen, Nebulization, Non Invasive ventilation, Invasive ventilation, Moritoring (Cetral Monitoring) , Suctioning, Inotropic Management, Btonchoscopy, CVP Monitoring, Portable X-ray and USG, DVT Prophylaxis, (Air Mattress)

Equipment: Ventilation, (Invasive/ Non-invasive), Monitor, Central Line, Syringe/Infusion, Pump/Mcflow, ECG Machine, Nebuliser, Dic shock Machine, Bronchoscope, Portable x-ray Machine, Portable USG Machine, Suction Machine


Dr. Hedgewar Hospital deals with patients in a compassionate, transparent & ethical manner. The patient & his/her family is first taken through a primary counseling session, giving them a clear idea about the condition, course of treatment & approximate costs. Patients who cannot afford even the concessional costs (40%), are directed to the Charity Department that assesses the situation and offers to take care of the complete treatment free of cost.

  • Patient Statistics:  (Average)
  • Annual turnover:
  • Geographical Area:  9 Talukas
  • Financial status:  Poor - Semi Poor
  • Concession Offered:  Upto 40 %
  • Background:  Rural, Farmers, Industry Labourers
  • Poor Patients Fund:

    The "Poor Patients Fund" has been created to take care of free treatment costs of extremely poor patients. If you have a heart to help, you can join hands and contribute to this fund by way of generous donations.


    80G & 35 A/C Tax Rebate

    Contact No: +91 (240)2339866, 2331195 / +91(240)2341849

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