Dr. Hedgewar Hospital, Aurangabad is a 300 Bed Multispecialty Charitable organization, run by the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vaidyakiya Pratishthan. The Hospital is the epicenter of a humongous social healthcare movement called "The Healing Touch".  Now for more than 26 years, since its inception in 1989, the hospital has reached out to the poor and needy population of Aurangabad district in 9 Talukas, through the window of healthcare to offer holistic healing through innovative and customized projects.

The 7 young Doctors who started this movement were very clear from the inception that they did not want to restrict themselves to operating from a building; rather reaching out to the masses was the prime goal. The 1st Slum Health Centre, catering to the migratory industrial population was kicked off within 6 months of the hospital launch. A doctor and his wife took a conscious call to relocate to the slums to dedicate their lives to the service of the population.  One thing led to another, challenges arose, solutions were devised and today, after nearly 26 years there are 3 Slum Health Centre's and a Mobile Clinic visiting another 6 slums on the periphery of the city. Together they cater to a population of nearly forty thousand people. These Centre's have now metamorphosed into a hub of activities offering multiple life changing social-healthcare opportunities, transforming the entire landscape of the slum population.

The founder Doctors, who had just passed out of Medical College,started off in a very small 100 sqft, 5 bed setup. All of them soon had to contribute towards creating a basic corpus to apply for a bank loan. Most of them borrowed money from their parents, while others had to take personal loans in 2017 new year and thus began the journey. Very soon the local population began to take notice of these youngsters.Their commitment and passion to serve the poor and needy soon inspired individuals from the society to come forward and join hands in various capacities and thus began the movement.Challenges were a plenty and still are, sometimes shaking the team to the core, but there was always light at the end of the tunnel.  The founder Doctors were inspired by the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak philosophy of "Service towards nation", and aptly guided &supported by veterans from the RSS, who, when required came forward to encourage and rebuild,and then swiftly vanished into the background. 

Mr. Barwale studying the building layout.

Ms. Sudha Murthy understanding the project.

Very soon Medical teams from Dr. Hedgewar Hospital started visiting the interior villages of Aurangabad district, around a periphery of 50kms, offering healthcare to people who were secluded from development. They were in such deep pockets, which had no roads, no public transport and not even a single medical practioner. Very soon after having experienced their first ray of hope, these villagers &farmers started opening up about  their other challenges - unemployment, water shortage,loans, illiteracy, blanket youth migrations to cities, addictions, suicides etc.. Gradually with the help of experts, innovative programmes started to take shape to address these needs and provide a holistic and sustainable solution. As the work load grew from one village to another, from one projects to five more, the need for a dedicated  wing to monitor the social-healthcare projects arose and hence was born "Savitribai Phule Mahila Ekatma Samaj Mandal(SPMESM)". As of today SPMESM has 35 projectsspread across 100 villages providing holistic development solutions to the villagers and farmers of the Marathwada region. 

Things at the hospital continued to grow at a brisk pace, and then came up the urgent need to have a dedicated blood bank to cater to the growing demand of blood. It was also decided that this blood bank would not refuse blood to any one, irrespective of whether an individual could pay or not. The blood bank was named as "Dattaji Bhale Blood Bank", and has grown immensely in size and stature. The Blood bank operates on a "No Loss - No Profit" basis and stands tall as one of the best blood banks in Asia and certified the best in Maharashtra for two successive years. It is aggressive in the field of blood donation drives and conducts nearly 400 blood donation camps round the year.

The 1st Phase of the project.

Mr. Ratan Tata inaugurating the 1st Phase of the project.

Over the last one decade, the new multi - specialty, 300 bed building of the hospital has taken shape in 2 phases and the corner stone of this modern infrastructure have really been Mumbaikars. Hundreds of well- wishers from the capital city have pledged their support to this unique project and contributed generously towards building a modern, state of the art hospital with the latest technology and dedicated medical professionals. The Hospital continues to attract Philanthropists & Corporates alike from across the country and beyond to join hands and extend the noble work far and wide to many more who are still in need of basic healthcare. The seven Founder Doctors continue to lead the organization with the same vigor and enthusiasm and have now created a team of medical professionals who are not just employed with the hospital but have dedicated their lives to the service of the poor & needy population of the Aurangabad region.

2nd Phase under construction

2nd Phase building.

Poor Patients Fund:

The "Poor Patients Fund" has been created to take care of free treatment costs of extremely poor patients. If you have a heart to help, you can join hands and contribute to this fund by way of generous donations.


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