HOD: Dr. Abhijeet Chandge, Orthopadic Surgeon


Services:Neck pain, Low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, Ankle/Heel pain, Elbow/wrist pain, Headaches, Post Traumatic Rehabilitation, Post total knee rehabilitation, replacement,Pre and post ACL repair rehabilitation, Post total hip replacement and rahabilitation, Neuro rahabilitation, like stroke, Parkinrones, disease, peripheral neuropatience, para-plegia rahabilitation, Pediatric Physiotherapy, cerabral palsy etc., occupation health hazard counselling, ergonomic counseling etc.

Equipment: Matric therapy, D-track, Theraband exercises station, S.W.P., Ultrasound therapy, Muscle stimulator, T.E.N.S, I.F.T., wax bath, C.P.M, Infra red, C.P.M, Hydrocollator packs, Healer combination therapy, Electronic traction, Exercise trademill, Exercise Recumbent cycle, suspension therapy, Hand wrist forearm exercise unit, and many more......shri. Rajnaryan Baglaji Physiotherapy center has been dedicated to providing first class aurangabad. Our main objective are to...... Accurately assecs & rastore function , To educate & provide an exercises Programme to prevent reoccurrence of your pain. , Our team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist are available from morning 10;00 am to 8:00pm


Dr. Hedgewar Hospital deals with patients in a compassionate, transparent & ethical manner. The patient & his/her family is first taken through a primary counseling session, giving them a clear idea about the condition, course of treatment & approximate costs. Patients who cannot afford even the concessional costs (40%), are directed to the Charity Department that assesses the situation and offers to take care of the complete treatment free of cost.

  • Patient Statistics:  (Average)
  • Annual turnover:
  • Geographical Area:  9 Talukas
  • Financial status:  Poor - Semi Poor
  • Concession Offered:  Upto 40 %
  • Background:  Rural, Farmers, Industry Labourers
  • Poor Patients Fund:

    The "Poor Patients Fund" has been created to take care of free treatment costs of extremely poor patients. If you have a heart to help, you can join hands and contribute to this fund by way of generous donations.


    80G & 35 A/C Tax Rebate

    Contact No: +91 (240)2339866, 2331195 / +91(240)2341849

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