Sanjeevani Rural Health Project


Village(s) : 37

District : Aurangabad
Start Date : 1993
Target Group : Remote & underserved villagers
Annual Impact : 50000
Total Impact : 4.00 Lakh

Supported by : Dr. BAVP
Annual budget : Rs. 20.00 Lakh

Not very far from the city, the remote hilly villages of Aurangabad still remain grossly underserved in Maternal & Child Health Care! By providing Quality Primary Health services with a special focus on Maternal & Child Health; SPMESM has successfully improved the MCH Scenario in these villages. It could curb the Malnutrition in 0-6 years' kids from a whooping 52% to 16% I 5 years. Sanjeevani has created a successful pattern to of Sustainable Rural Health Solutions through network of Arogya Banks. A new component of Mental Health and Counseling Services is added to the project from 2 years.

Morhira's Sumitra got Sanjeevani's Maternal and Child Health Services at her doorstep! With regularly ANC Clinics, following the doctor's and Arogya Mitra's advise she delivered a healthy girl child. To express her gratitude towards the project, Sumitra has named her newborn 'Sanjeevani'!

Poor Patients Fund:

The "Poor Patients Fund" has been created to take care of free treatment costs of extremely poor patients. If you have a heart to help, you can join hands and contribute to this fund by way of generous donations.


80 G tax Exemption

Contact No: +91 (240)2339866, 2331195 / +91(240)2341849

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